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The home of Peafowl & Pheasants
"Peacocks Australia Qld is the largest and most successful breeder of Selected Galliformes in Australia and has been for many decades, far longer than any other, with astonishing results"
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Welcome to Peacocks Australia Qld

Peacocks Australia Qld has a very long history of bird keeping & breeding in Australia with experience and hands on knowledge of most domestic and exotic species. This means they are the most established, respected peafowl, pheasant & Guinea fowls breeder in Australia and therefore stand alone with their experience, knowledge and outstanding success.

Peacocks Australia Qld are the only breeder in Australia to keep and breed PURE Java Green-Pavo muticus muticus and Indo Chinese Green peafowl- Pm imperator all others are Hybrids.

Parrot One

14 Species/Mutations of Peafowl, with new mutations coming in 2023/2024.

Parrot Three

Currently Over 17 Species of Pheasants and several mutations available.

Guinea Fowl
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Over 22 Species/Mutations of Gunea fowl with new mutations coming.

Parrot Four

Currently 9 Species of Waterfowl inc "WHITE" and "PIED MANDARIN".

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Messages Sent during the breeding season of August to April of each year will be deleted unread

New Peafowl Mutation Release in 2023

The new mutation "ACRU" and "ACRU PIED" will be released in 2023, strictly limited to TW Level 3 breeders

New Guinea Fowl Mutation release in 2023/2024

The new mutations of "BROWN REVERSE PIED" "POWDER BLUE" "POWDER BLUE PIED" will be released in 2023/2024, strictly limited to TW Level 3 breeders

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